Nosotros, los Andes

Nosotros, los Andes is a collaborative book project that brings together the voices  of artists, mountaineers, geologists, tour guides, climbers, anthropologists, and disaster survivors to explore our relationship with the Andes. The book, which will be published as an open-access, multimedia e-book and in a limited run of print copies, will feature reflections on how our lives are entwined with the Andes; on the strategies we use to explore the Andes; on the tools we use to create knowledge about the Andes; on the ways that we co-habit with and care for the Andes; and on our visions for the Andes in the past and the future. These contributions will be made by eight writers from across the Andean region, from Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, and Chile, who will participate in writing workshops through winter 2023 and spring 2024. Nosotros, los Andes is co-edited by Rebecca Jarman and Victoria Vargas-Downing and will published by Editemos in 2024.