Nevado del Ruiz

The Nevado del Ruiz is one of over a dozen active volcanoes in Colombian territory. Since its reactivation in 1984, it has attracted increasing attention from scientists and risk analysts. In Colombia, it created a new generation of geologists who specialized in disaster prevention, and fostered an industry of risk mitigation. One such professional who has dedicated much of his career to hazard mapping is Víctor Hernán Cubillos, who survived the Armero disaster and has since written at length of his experiences.

Volcanologists from around the world have travelled to study the Ruiz, and to capture knowledge and raise awareness of its behaviour. Based in the UK, the STREVA (Strengthening Resilience in Volcanic Areas) project, in collaboration with the Colombian Geological Service, has made a series of short films to document survivor testimonies and communicate the observation and risk mapping work undertaken by scientists. You can follow the Nevado del Ruiz’s most recent activity at the Smithsonian Global Volcanism Program.

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