31 May Commemorations

Throughout the last week of May we participated in a diverse programme of events in Yungay that marked 53 years since the catastrophic landslide of 1970. It also commemorated 52 years since the foundation of the new city. The programme brought together many local institutions — religious, educational, medical, and emergency services — with foreign dignitaries and municipal authorities. The landslide was a tragic event that is remembered in dignified and moving ways. We saw much laughter and affection amid tears and moments of reflection.

This programme of events is an annual occurence. Since 1971, the last week of May has been a staple in Yungay’s cultural calendar, along with the dates that commemorate patron saints in early May and September. We are currently working with the municipality in planning for 31 May 2024. Together, we will develop a series of educational workshops in conjuction with a visual artist. More news soon.